Friday, April 27, 2018

Take Your Kid to Work Day

Dear Hen, 
You got to go to work with Daddy again this year for the take your Child to Work Day Program. You were super excited!
You planned out your outfit, looked over the agenda and were ready quickly in the morning so you could pick up a muffin before your day. You were in good company with other kids who came and Daddy's bosses put a lot into making you all feel welcome and making sure you had plenty of helpful tasks to do.  I dropped in during lunch to check on you.  You looked so proud, eating your pizza quickly and telling me, "I'll see you later I've gotta get back to the room."  
I am grateful you and Daddy had this time together. You decided you really enjoy loading and unloading papers, stamping things and shredding.  
You have proclaimed you will go with Daddy on this day until you can't any longer.  Very sweet, and I hope so.
Love, Mama